The Re-Return

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Most of the people that’ll be reading this have followed Bud and Roach through our many iterations. We started as a simple podcast in 2012 and grew the brand at an incredible rate. We took a shot at each and every thing we could. We extended the show, we did the show on video live, we had a short stint on AM radio, we made a series of skits and had major plans for said skits.

Then everything just stopped. A few differences of opinion led to The Bud & Roach Show at that time being canned and everyone going their separate ways and doing our own thing. I tried to keep the it alive and barely survived with help. And I’d be remissed if I didn’t show a great deal of gratitude to Nick & Lisa of The Subjective Perspective for keeping the lights on while we took time to figure things out. I also decided to try my hand at real estate. There’s no need to say it but I failed in quite spectacular fashion. Like it’s one of those classic mistakes that you make in your late 20’s because you still feel like you have no control of your life. Or maybe I’m the only one who’s ever felt like that but I digress. I stayed at a job I was horrible at because at that point it was one of the few things I was in complete control of. The only reason I survived working that job was my parents and working the occasional security shift to keep cash in my pockets and my phone bill paid.

Fast-Forward to August 2017, things aren’t going great for me but they also aren’t going bad. Prior to the stories I’m gonna tell here a lot of people were asking me what was going on with Bud & Roach and for that matter how’s Roach. And I couldn’t really answer either. When we did speak it was few and far between. But to say that neither of us missed what we did would be an understatement. A few weeks before these stories began I ran into Roach’s brother-in-law walking by the Burger King in my neighborhood. He gave me a long talking to about why both Roach and myself needed to patch things up. His two main points were, 1. That we’ve been friends for far too long to throw it away; and 2. That things can change any minute and I don’t wanna have that on my conscience. Needless to say he was 1001% correct. Back to where we were and one of my close friends lost his mom to breast cancer. At the wake my buddy’s younger siblings were asking me how thing’s were going with Bud and Roach. They helped me see the bigger picture and make a little more sense of the situation. A few days after that I bumped into Cheez for the first time in close to a year right next to the Burger King where Roach’s brother-in-law spoke to me. Less than a week after that I spoke with Cheez and we went to pick Roach up from work. Roach had on one of the original B&RS shirts and it felt like a sign. I would later find out that Roach wore the shirt purposely. But being that I rarely believe in coincidences I believe that was destined to happen that way. But through months of talking and gameplanning we were ready to get back to the Bud & Roach platform the way we wanted to. During this time we were also able to get a taste of something we always talked of wanting in a daily morning show with the launch of Good Morning Bushwick with the help and guidance of Danny & Emily at First Live. Things were once again back on track and trending upwards. But like every swing of the pendulum it eventually has to go back the other way at some point.

Now here we are. This super long hiatus coupled with everything that’s gone on for all parties involved during this time. Things are once again ours for the taking but it feels different this time. Not sure what it is or why but it just does. And that’s why this is where we are. The Re-Return.