Stranger Things in NYC

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So last night, my phone buzzes multiple times; text messages, all from different contacts, saying the same exact thing, “did you just see that?”. My apartment, more often than not, has the shades down. I immediately go on YouTube to search ‘NYC 12 27 18’. Raw video of blue lights hovering beneath the sky filled the search results. It reminds me of a time about 5 years ago, broadcasting during Hurricane Sandy, we saw something very similar in the sky.

Whether or not this was in fact an explosion at a power plant in Astoria, or if this was just another experiment we’re being lied to about, I must say Reagan was right. Only when humanity is threatened as a species do I see people actually come together, if only in fear.

I didn’t hear a word about celebrity issues last night. I didn’t see a meme about politics or lack there-of. I saw everyone posting videos of the sky, asking questions and looking for answers. I would say to keep your eyes open, but ignorance is bliss, and you’ll soon forget about the night the sky lit up baby blue. Shit, I’m already thinking about the next article. See.