It’s All Fun & Games

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Everyone who lives in the New York City area obviously knows that last night Thursday, December 27th, 2018 the entire city was illuminated for a good five minutes. At the time there was know official cause and multiple theories widely circulated. There was malfunction in a voltage detector at Con Ed facility in Queens.

Almost immediately the memes started. And people were sharing their own footage of the event. Everyone that wasn’t in the 5 boroughs or surrounding areas were intrigued as to what happened. In typical New Yorker fashion everyone made jokes and started the usual NY tough bullshit. The FDNY initially said they couldn’t confirm or deny an explosion but there wasn’t a fire. As of me writing this, 45 minutes ago, the FDNY now says there was an explosion and small fire. We see this play out all the time. How many times the official statements flip-flop back and forth.

I’m going as record as saying I’m not buying it. I’m not gonna drink the kool-aid. But by all mean keep making meme about some new post apocalyptic movie. Like the saying goes “It’s always fun and games…”