Ladder To Oblivian

Climbing The Ladder To Oblivian

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I’ve grown into the habit of watching Top 10 videos on YouTube every day; particularly creepy videos. I came across a video which spoke of a reddit post, a story about an unlicensed unreleased Nintendo NES video game called “Ladder To Oblivian”. The game itself was never officially released, as the company who created the game was not accepted by Nintendo’s third party developer program. It was deemed “too dark”.

Essentially, this game is said to be so psychologically damaging, so demonic in essence, that the two people who played the game, both creators, committed suicide. I don’t need to tell you the details on this post. The attached video narrates the original Reddit post, said to have been created by the son of the developer who last took his own life. Listen to the story of “Ladder To Oblivian”, and if anyone has a copy, a link to a ROM for NES emulation, anything at all, forward it to me, as I will climb down the ladder on live stream and broadcast my demise.