10 Things That Need To Stay in 2018

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This is a list of the things that I’d personally like to not be allowed to come into the New Year with us. These views expressed are not representative of everyone at Bud & Roach. Just me. Bud.

1. As a New Yorker I’ve tried to stress this and can’t stress it enough. I get that New York City has a language all its own. Especially when it comes to slang. I deadass get how easy it is to make them. But they deadass need to stop. See what I did there?

2. Gonna stay home with this one again. And it’s something else that apparently become synonymous with my beloved city. I’m not sure when Timberland boots became the official shoe of New York City but I’m here to dispel that false truth. Only people who think they’re making a statement wearing them are the same people that try to be a carbon copy of their celebrity and call themselves original or one of a kind.

3. The new culture of self righteousness on social media. We get it. You work and pay for everything on your own without the need for help from the government or a significant other. But the”I’ve done x, y, and z. Bet you can’t share this post.” I’ll go ahead and tell you what no one else has; absolutely no one cares that much.

4. Still gonna stay on social media. Who are these people that go out and dig up tweets from when someone was in high school? Like is it a real profession? Or is it just people waiting to see someone’s downfall and try to speed up the rate of descent?

5. While we’re on the topic of Twitter, how has no one figured out “Hey maybe I should sit with someone and scrub anything that could possibly be used against me?” There just gave someone a genius business idea.

6. Still on social media here. When did it become the new cool hip thing to be offended by any, and everything possible? It’s called an opinion and they’re usually supposed to be unique.

7. Shit still on social media here folks. I’m sensing a bit of a trend. Everyone with a side hustle I have an unfortunate tough pill for you all to swallow. Whether you’re an artist, dancer, chef, business owner, musician, photographer, blogger or a baton twirling circus act; no one is obligated to support you. Family & friends included. The sooner you get that part the easier everything will go and you’ll see people are just supporting you because they feel obligated to. And maybe just liking stuff to spare your feelings? Which would be worst?

8. Fanny packs. For some good awful reason they’re making a comeback and need to not.

9. Getting offended over any and every little thing. There are plenty of things to be offended over on a daily basis. But most of the things that people are outraged over feel a little bit blown out of proportion.

10. This roving let’s all hate everything the president does train. I get that he’s the least likeable president we’ve had the misfortune of living under. But just remember it was only short decade ago we hated George W Bush and now he’s everyone’s favorite frittata. Just saying…

Happy New Year & Happy Holidays from all of us here at Bud & Roach.