Ultimate Thug Life Compilation 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL

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Ultimate Thug Life Compilation 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL
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4 times a week Thug Life Videos posts a new Thug Life compilation full of the best internet videos combined with videos send in by you!

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Thug Life Video descriptions in order:
0:21 Amazing goalkeeper scorpion kick
0:38 Chinese protestor throws back teargas grenade
0:53 Little kid pranks his dad like a boss
1:19 Granny throws rock at the police
1:56 How a thug lights a cigarette
2:10 50 Cent pushes fan off stage
2:45 Tiger destroys car in Beijing park
3:07 Thug doesn’t like singing and shoots out of the window
3:45 Guy takes selfie after accident with Olympic torch
4:09 14 illegal immigrants escape from van
4:43 Dog in car ruins photo
5:13 Homies driving scooter with trumpet
5:31 Stealing beer fail
6:03 Guy jumps roof running from police
6:28 Ratan Tata’s witty answer
6:51 Oldschool blow prank
7:19 Funny fake snake prank India
7:49 Homies throwing loaded spade at eachother
8:17 Lil bro slaps big bro in the face
8:30 Speeltuin fail
8:48 Thug drives around in half a car
9:14 Woman throws table
9:43 Man lifts table with his teeth
10:22 Firefighter puts out fire with coke
10:47 Woman solves a roadrage and shows her ass
11:14 Scooter humiliates motor with wheelie takeover
11:44 Drive thru squirt prank gone wrong
12:02 Cat attacking bird, bird escapes
12:33 Monkey destroys officers car
13:10 Policechase ends by blocking the road
14:12 Amazing baseball catch
14:39 Kid rides skateboard like a boss
15:28 Motorcycle using tree for a trick
16:10 Thug bird bites sleeping dog
16:28 Guy doing backflip at graduation
16:58 Asian guy throws away annoying girls phone
17:24 Amazing bike tricks on the highway
17:54 Chinese kid rides bull like a boss
18:12 Trucker driving through the snow like a boss
18:36 Skateboarders pull off insane trick
19:05 Dog driving tractor
19:25 Reporter gets kicked out of the house
20:03 Cat attacks bullying little girl
20:30 Police dog tackles big guy like a boss
20:45 Boyfriend runs away after girlfriend catches flowers
21:07 Amazing cigarette catch
21:22 Russian police chase ends in thug life fashion
21:58 Pranking a fake apple shop with crap catch
22:25 Girl takes down pervert in elevator
22:44 Bouncing car prank funny whatsapp video
23:03 Dutch pro nerfgun shot at colleagues
23:18 Guy flips out and smashes tv with guitar
23:56 Girl pranks friends and makes them fall
24:24 Running from the cops parkour
24:43 Thug walks around with snake in his hair
25:08 Thief trying to steal bike fail
25:47 Donkey kart drift
26:12 Overloaded bikes in China
26:38 Bird throws other bird off table
26:58 Guy kicks broken car off the road in Russia
27:31 Cat taking a piss like a sir
27:49 Police dog attacks his trainer
28:17 Just a deer sleeping on the couch on the side of the road
28:34 Guy drives on scooter with 6 females
29:10 Tractor stunts in Punjab funny whatsapp
29:31 Guy pranks girl by dabbing instead of hugging
29:48 Snake doesn’t want to be caught
30:12 Contruction worker runs out of pit

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