NeeQ – My Generation (Official Video)

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Artist: NeeQ
Title: My Generation
Written by NeeQ
Produced by Durbin “DP” Poison
OneMusiQ Recordings 2013

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop is immortalised in the music, culture, trends & movies of the 1990s. NeeQ’s “My Generation” is a classic tail of what growing up in the 90s was all about.

Director/Editor – Jean Michel Simard


It’s Mine x2

Verse 1

My generation, let me break it down
born in the 80’s, when the color match was reds and browns
Mike was a black man and thriller was a new release
the game was Pac Man and tapes the way to play the beats.

The way my generation talk, we got our own slang,
Wu-Tang, we thank, Dre Snoop for G Thang
Hip-hop lives, sprayed graffiti in the hood
where DJs made the record skipping sound good.

We wear our baggy pant low and hats to the side
buy double X, but barely fit medium size
my generation knows weed, speed and X
and love just ain’t we jump from one honey to the next.

We create the fashion out of early J’s
we recognize each other by some AKA’s
took it higher till we saw this world was ours
the last who actually set foot on the twin towers.

—- Chorus —-

It’s Mine
My Generation, nation
It’s, My generation, nation

M.Y.G.E.N.E.R.A.T.I.O.N. , let me live it again.

Verse 2

We seen the rise and fall and blame the media
seen the evolution lead to Britney and Christina
from beauties on the catwalk to honeys in the cinema
from Adriana Lima, to Jen Love and Jessica.

We watched the Fresh Prince and Urkel on the daily
the first gangsta flick to us was menace 2 society
we know about Richard Prior but we know his work through Eddie
and truly we were harted by the loss of Pac and Biggie.

Baywatch babes, fav celebrities on camera
cuz everybody had a little secret crush on Pamela
for real, make the new school feel the best awaits
cuz time flies, to me the year 2000 feels like yesterday.


Verse 3

Now we living in the 21st, start of a computer age
read the book of life and use a finger click to turn the page
the moon and the stars, on a mission to Mars
we fiending on the fame, money, jewellery and fast cars

Calling, texting, my pictures and my ringtones
just a few features causing me to need an Iphone
stuck in the 90’s, I give myself a brand new look
to tell the world I change my status on my Facebook.

There’s no more hip-hop, seems everything is ravey
and guys in the street wear pink shirts, this shit is crazy
its just a few things that I thought I had to mention
for you and yours, for ya to know my generation.

—-Chorus—- X2